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  1. Guide play ahri mid 2019 season and Jade board supports Ahri solo equipment, order increase skill set, supplementing skills of the latest Ahri combo skill in League of Legends.

    Support for Ahri

    After Riot corrects his skills, Ahri transforms into an assassin with the ability to accumulate powerful damage, only need one phase. Wind kiss is an opponent who can fly half a blood tree, adding another combo that will evaporate. board the score board.

    Variable speed + Incineration: always 2 complementary spells to Ahri mid, help ahri become mobile in chasing the target to kill the target, with the incineration also makes the enemy always watch and not Too daring in the road.

    Alternatively, you can use the Purge or Shield in custom cases for each game.

    Ahri's strengths and weaknesses
    1. Ability to go to the farm to clean up good soldiers.
    2. Ahri was extremely mobile when she reached level 6 with the final attack of Ho Chi Minh's Vastaya
    3. Ahri has the ability to stack damage quickly like a killer.
    4. Have good control skills with Wind Kiss
    5. Ahri had magic damage + standard damage from the Magic Ball
    6. In late game Ahri is quite strong with his combos.
    7. Being able to go ganking, approaching the target from a fairly good distance.

    1. Ahri's skill set and disguised orientation
    2. Ahri requires players to have skills: quick combo + standard + accuracy.
    3. Ahri needs an early stage blue charm
    4. Very fragile and weak blood, the way to fight Ahri is quite dangerous when it often takes up with the last attack of Phi Ho
    5. Sticking hard control skills - easy to evaporate immediately
    Ahri skill table
    Order of skill upgrading Ahri: Q -> W -> E: This is the standard skill order used
    - Magic Ball (Q) is a skill that helps Ahri to be able to poke, a good remote soldier, but it can also cause twice the damage to fly and fly back (standard damage), but also helps The girl heals, so this skill needs to be maximized first first.
    - Next is Lake Li Fire (W) to increase the damage for Ahri on the enemy as well as the soldiers, the last is the Wind Kiss (E) this skill should take 1 point at level 2, to take the effect Enchant for Ahri and add the max max. The last attack of the Lake (R) is taken according to Ahri's level.

    Another way to improve Ahri is to max it: Q -> E -> W - if you want to play 'Kissing death' to increase her enchantment.

    Intrinsic - Gravity Vastaya
    Whenever she uses her ability to hit the same hero twice in a short period of time, Ahri is accelerated in an instant.

    Magic Ball- Q
    • Ahri unleashes and retrieves her magic sphere, dealing magic damage on the way out and standard damage on the way back. After using the hit spell several times, the next hit ball will heal Ahri.
    • Deals 40/65/90/115/140 (+) Magic Damage on the way and 40/65/90/115/140 (+) standard damage on the way back.
    • The skills of Ahri accumulate the Spirit's Breath when hitting the enemy (maximum of each move). In addition, Ahri's next Magic Ball heals her (+) blood whenever she hits an enemy.

    Li-W Lake Fire
    • Ahri unleashes three fires, they will lock their targets and attack nearby enemies.
    • Release three flying fox fire into nearby enemies that deal 40/65/90/115/140 (+) magic damage.
    • Enemies who hit a lot of fire will suffer 30% of the damage from the second fire, maximizing damage to one target.
    • Li Li's fire prioritized the target that had just hit Kiss Wind, and then the target was attacked by Ahri.
    • If the priority goal is not found, Li Li Fire prioritizes generals.
    Wind Kiss - E
    • Ahri kisses the wind to deal damage and enchant the enemy hit, forcing the victim to step forward to her and take more damage from her skills.
    • Wind kiss deals 60/90/120/150/180 (+) magic damage and enchants an enemy, forcing the victim to passionately rush towards her in 1.4 / 1.55 / 1.7 / 1.85 / 2 seconds.
    • The enemy hit by the Wind is weakened for 5 seconds, taking 20% more damage from Ahri's skills.

    Last attack
    • Ahri glides forward and fires lightning bolts that damage nearby enemies (favored generals). Phi Ho could recite up to three times before starting the cooldown.
    • Ahri glides forward and shoots 3 lightning strikes at nearby enemies (prioritizing generals), dealing 60/90/120 (+) magic damage.
    • Phi Ho can be used at most 3 times within 10 seconds before beginning the cooldown.

    How to get Ahri
    Equip Ahri


    Luden Voices: Equipped with an indispensable first priority for Ahri, there is also an attack, damage and energy, which increases Ahri's ability to clear soldiers and exchange attacks.

    Morello: As the second item to add cooldown reduction, the energy that helps ahri's combo attack become stronger and smoother, this equipment is also very effective when Ahri is confronted. with generals with high recovery abilities such as: Swain, Vladimir ...

    Hourglass: with the rush to chase the target or situation of the Ho Ho (R) to put down the damage to the opponent, Ahri falls into danger, so the DHC will partly ensure more safety, in addition to going to Mid is also often confronted with strong heroes such as Zed, Yasuo, Talon ... so Hourglass is a great choice to increase resilience for Ahri.

    Trang bị tùy ý cho Ahri

    How to play Ahri

    Ahri is capable of going well with most generals, but in the beginning she also needs a lot of energy to use her skills as well as soldiers.

    Try to get as many soldiers as possible, and poke at the opponent's blood with Combo: Magic Ball (Q) + Lake Li Fire (W), if Ahri is in a position where you can use Kiss Wind (E) before to fascinate the enemy.

    Ahri combo goes for long-distance texture:

    Kissing Wind E (controlling enchantment) => Magic Ball Q (dealing damage) => Lake Fire W (increasing damage).


    Ahri is only really strong and dangerous when she reaches level 6 with the final attack of Ho Chi Minh (R) Ahri becomes extremely mobile to exchange situations, it will turn her into a real killer. .

    With Incineration + Non-Lake (R), only one phase of standard (E) windstorm is combined, so Ahri can almost see the opponent on the score board, even if he turns away, it is difficult to escape. from Ahri's hand.

    In addition, you should also keep eyes on the control of the 2 bushes on the river bank, to get the vision to avoid going to camp gank opponent forest to hide the basket.

    Between game
    By not having too many difficulties at the beginning of the game, Ahri is satisfied with soldiers and has important equipment. At this time, Ahri's magic power increased significantly, combined with the extremely mobile advantage of his ultimate Ho Chi Minh (R), Ahri can top the lane or land Bot to go gank to support his teammates. advantages for the whole team.

    In addition, Ahri should call on her allies to control and eat important targets: pillars, messengers, dragons ...

    Ahri combo goes to a remote gank, chasing the target:
    Non-R1 Lake (shorten the distance) => Non-Lake R2 (approaching) => Non Ho R3 (approaching) => Wind E Kiss (mesmerizing target) => Magic Ball Q + Ho Li Fire (deals damage).


    Ahri combo fast control:
    Kiss Wind (E) and immediately activate Non Ho (R) => causing the opponent to suddenly not react, stick ratio Kiss the wind is almost 100% sure.


    End of the game
    This is the time to maximize Ahri's strength, with all the equipment she can capture extremely effective targets, the amount of magic damage that Ahri causes to keep the opponent wary.

    In the battle of total combat: always use the Magic Ball (Q) to smash the opponent, if there is a suitable opportunity or the goal to rush into your team, activate Kiss Wind (E) to fascinate them, to The team put down the damge.

    Activate the last attack of Phi Ho (R) in combination with Speed and Incineration to inflict damage and destroy the main enemy generals, and also to retreat safely if Ahri encounters a dangerous situation. .

    Fighting combo:

    Lake R1 (approaching) => Wind Wind E (controlling target) => Magic Ball Q (increase damage) => Non-R2 (approaching + evading skill) => Lake Li Fire (accrue damge) => Phi Ho R3 (knock down or withdraw safely)

    Combo Ahri the most damaging killer:
    Wind Kiss E => Hextech Belt (increase damage) => Magic Ball Q (increase damage) => R1 Pilot (approaching target) => Lake Li Fire (defragment damage) => Burning = > Non-R2 R2 (close if running target) => Q + W => Phi Ho R3 (destroy or backward) => net feeding rate is almost certain.

    Guide play ahri mid 2019

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